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Spilled Milk Mag is a magazine about fashion, design, blogs, photography and lifestyle.
Issue #5 will be out sometime before the summer of 2011!

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Some words from the Editor-in-Chief about the mag:
"The first time I had the idea of starting up a magazine, I was sitting in a smoke packed train cabin somewhere on the rails between Montenegro and Serbia. This was during a eurotrip the summer of 2008 and I was in a total state of fascination by all the magical cities I had been lucky enough to visit. I was especially thrilled about the huge selections of magazines I would find at any given newsstand at pretty much every corner of every city. Off course we do have magazines in Norway as well, but they are extremely overpriced in comparison to the rest of the world, and we also have to go to special stores to get a hold of them. But back to the train ride, I was sitting in the midst of my notebooks and a bunch of freshly purchased magazines, sketching and writing all kinds of lists, lists one can only find the time to write on a 10 hour long train ride in Eastern Europe. It was then it hit me how wonderful magazines really are, I love how the photography, illustrations and text all play their part and then the designer comes in and put everything into a content. I decided there and then that at one point in my life I wanted to be a part of such a magazine.  So when I in the spring of 2009 was about to finish my degree in graphic design, and was given the choice to do whatever I wanted for my final assignment, the decision of starting my very own magazine was easy to take. Soon after, Spilled Milk Magazine was born.  Fast forward three months, and stop where you are right now, at the beginning of a freshly made issue filled with photography, fashion, design, articles about fascinating people, most of which I have found trough exciting new channels like blogs, flickr, etsy stores and deviantart profiles. Now go on and explore my Spilled Milk, and hopefully you will enjoy it as well!
Marie Lid Aske
(June, 2009) "