The Girl

I am a 23 year old Norwegian graphic designer and photographer. Since a young age I have always had a strong enthusiasm for design and the fields of art. These days I have a passion for capturing those special glimpses of time that are always surrounding us, but which if not captured, will be easily forgotten. So I find myself on a constant look out for inspiration, and love spending my time traveling the world with a solid grip around my camera. I also spend a lot of time on my online fashion magazine Spilled Milk, and on the t-shirt company I’ve started with some designer friends, King Patrick.

This blog is all about what goes on behind the scenes of Spilled Milk Mag. & most of that goes trough me, the editor and founder. So this blog will be filled with lovely images, style, inspiration, sweet daily life and such. Hope you enjoy it.

Design portfolio:
Please do contact me if you need any design work done.